Don't be fooled by the fluffy cuteness.

Don’t be fooled by the fluffy cuteness.

My Reluctant Inspiration


I’ve had a pet rabbit for nearly ten years now.  Her name is Bella.

I bought baby Bella when I was just getting ready to head to university for my senior year.  I knew I was going to be stressed, and because I was also moving off campus, I wanted to have something fuzzy I could cuddle when things got rough.

Something possessed me to buy a rabbit.

Here’s the thing about Bella.  I know she looks really cute and sheis very fluffy – her ears feel like the velvetiest velvet and her fur is so plush you can lose your hands in it – but she’s not cuddly.  If you cuddle her, she will make it plain that she is enjoying it about as much as she enjoys having her nails clipped or her litter box cleaned (basically, not at all).  She will suffer through it with deep impatience and, once you finally release her from your cuddling clutches, she will hop over to a corner in the greatest huff you can imagine and clean herself from fuzzy head to fluffy foot in order to cleanse herself of you.

That’s my bunny.  That’s the animal I bought to take to college with me to keep me calm and relaxed.

When I introduce people to Bella, most of them do not see the appeal.  Why have a pet who hates the world?  How is this relaxing?  The thing is,  I love my antisocial little bundle of fluffy moodiness to pieces.  I tell Bella everything and she listens (reluctantly and without a modicum of sympathy) to all of my aimless chatter.  She has been my companion through a multitude of changes in life, and while the world around me is always changing, Bella never does.  She is my grumpy, stable rock.

I also feel that I can date the beginning of a lot of things with the purchase of my wrathful rabbit.  Bella marked the beginning of the end of my undergraduate college career.  She was with me when I discovered that baking was another huge reliever of stress and that having five housemates meant I could leave trays of cupcakes in the kitchen after a particularly stressful week and find them gone in a couple of days.  She inspired me to write a whole new series of stories based on cute, sociopathic animals.

Bella is my inspiration, my grumpy little fluffball of a muse.

So this blog is dedicated to my crabby, ancient rabbit.  I’m going to talk about pretty much anything that comes to mind – all those things I tell my rabbit that she plainly doesn’t want to hear.  I’ll share new recipes, new projects, new books and stories (ones read and ones being written), and new trials and travails and adventures and thoughts as they come to me.

Welcome to the blog dedicated to Bella –  because I know she’d hate it.

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