Four years ago, my friend and I began what was to become a marvelous new Christmas tradition.  It started out somewhat more modestly and then grew into a two-day extravaganza.

We make truffles.

We make eight different kinds of truffles.

We make about seven hundred truffles.

It’s wonderful.DSC_0944

I love making truffles because they are adorable little bite sized bits of Christmas deliciousness.  They are easy to package and gift.  They are different from your average Christmas cookies (which I’ll get to later) and easier than your average fudge (which I have yet to successfully tackle).  They are fun to decorate, too!

DSC_0940This year’s truffle menus is as follows:

  • Peanut butter oreo
  • Chocolate chip cookie dough
  • White chocolate peppermint
  • Chocolate cayenne
  • Chocolate chai
  • Red wine chocolate
  • Lemon shortbread
  • Gingerbread

DSC_0941My personal favorite is chocolate chip cookie dough, but I love the chai and the gingerbread too!  The lemon shortbread are a new favorite, and the peanut butter oreo and chocolate cayenne are probably the staple favorites of our friends.

DSC_0947Somewhere around the last 100 or so truffles, my friend and I begin to question our sanity and wonder if we will ever see the end of our truffle-making.  But when we’ve boxed them and admired them extensively, we agree that we’re definitely going a-truffling again next year!

Note: to make the oreo truffles, all you have to do is crush a package of oreos (not the double stuffed kind) in a food processor, add a package of cream cheese, roll into balls, and freeze.  Then, dip the balls into whatever kind of candy melts you like.  Peanut butter is good, but mint chocolate or caramel would be amazing too!