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The Lion in the Snow

Here in Virginia, our world is covered in white, and isn’t it just beautiful?

photo 4 (1)

It also means we can’t go anywhere outside of our neighborhood, we can’t buy any food (good thing our fridge is overflowing and I am in fine baking form this weekend), and we can only see those who are close enough (or brave enough) to come to us.

This is my car.  It’s not going 2

To me, snow is hot tea and candles and music and baking and quietly watching from the window as gusts of powdered sugar are sifted over rooftops and sidewalks and everywhere in between (Yes, I see the world as one giant cake.  Are you really surprised?).

To me, snow is stillness.  Snow is rest.

It is also hope.

photo 3

I love snow… for about three days, I think.  After that third day, I’m done.  The slushiness, the bits of ice cold wetness that trickle their way into your socks and up your wrists despite your truly dedicated efforts to insulate every bit of your skin from the brutal elements, the inability to travel easily… I get tired of it and I want my warm weather and my green world back again.

Everyone in town seems to have become absolutely frantic over this storm – Winter Storm Jonas is his name – and the milk and the bread and the eggs (and the clam juice and apples and bacon, in our case – don’t ask) were snatched off shelves in preparation.  Last night, it was so clear, I almost didn’t believe that a storm could possibly be coming, despite the eager proclamations of the weather people (I swear, it’s only when the weather gets nasty that they feel important, and they love it).

But I woke up to a winter wonderland, and it’s still coming down with no sign of letting up.

It’s a kind of silent, gorgeous, and terrible demonstration of nature’s power.  We can build snowmen and pelt each other with icy missiles and catch snowflakes on our tongues (and nose and eyelashes, as the song goes).  We can also lose fingers, get into car accidents, get lost… Snow is beautiful and wonderful and uncontrollable and treacherous.

And, for all that, it only takes the shake of His mane.

Beautiful.  Powerful.  Terrible. Wonderful.

I see snow and I know we shall have spring again.



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  1. Yes, this snow has far outstayed its welcome. Also, if Aslan was around, maybe I wouldn’t have had to dig the car out of the ice. . . :)

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